Introducing: The Supporter Network

Introducing: The Supporter Network

Facebook has friends, Twitter has followers, and now Causes has supporters. Introducing, the Supporter Network — a way for passionate people to connect with like-minded individuals, nonprofit organizations and socially responsible brands from around the world.
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What does “Supporting” mean?

Supporting someone on Causes is more meaningful than a passive “follow” on Twitter or being a “friend” on Facebook. It’s a way for you to say, “I like what you stand for. Let me know how I can help.” These connections form a base of support and allow you to collaborate quickly and effectively on solutions to today’s toughest problems.

The Supporter Network is the social networking component that makes Causes the most appropriate and effective place to gather, you guessed it, support for your campaigns. To directly quote our fearless leader, Matt Mahan, “By building a dedicated network for social good, we are giving people an opportunity to form new connections and take collective action for the causes that matter most to them.” Well said. Posting about human rights or animal cruelty on other social channels often feels out context. On Causes, people have a dedicated space to assert their beliefs and share ideas, stories and news amongst supporters who can help make an impact. Pretty awesome right?

Getting Connected

Forming supporter connections on Causes is easy and instantaneous. Anytime you see the green “Support” button just give it a quick click. You can see which of your friends on Facebook and Twitter are already using Causes by clicking here. Also, you can check out nonprofits, celebrities and brands that are on Causes by clicking here (make sure you pick your stickers first).

Happy supporting!