The All New Campaigns on Causes

The All New Campaigns on Causes

Our old Causes pages have taken a huge leap forward today. Introducing our brand new Campaign pages — a better way to clearly communicate the goal and corresponding actions Causes members can take to help achieve success. The goal of this project was to provide our users with online campaigning tools that offer better focus, provide a sense of community and facilitate conversation. To accomplish this, we pulled all of the existing features you know and love into a single page and then added some new ones. Did I mention they look amazing? :)

New Campaign Features

New campaign features

Campaign cover photos: The first major change you should notice is the aesthetically pleasing campaign cover photos. Our data analyst found that old action pages (petition, pledge, fundraiser) with photos uploaded received about 1,295 more actions than those that didn’t. Simply put, photos increase the number of actions taken, so we made them standard. By uploading a photo that is at least 1,000 pixels wide and 600 pixels tall, you can now create visually compelling campaigns that motivate others to get involved.

Campaign goal and short description: Campaigns require a goal so that we can clearly communicate what you’re trying to accomplish. We use a mad lib style format to help you create a compelling title — [Your name] + “wants to” + [campaign goal]. For example, “Brad Dubs wants to ban fracking in New York.” We also ask you to provide a 120 character description of your campaign so that potential supporters can quickly gain a better understanding of your campaign and it’s goal. Think of it as a tweet-able version of your campaign’s goal.

Multiple action types, all in one place: Campaigns take our petition, pledge and fundraising tools and aggregate them into one place. This enables campaign leaders to launch multiple actions in support of a campaign and makes it easier for others to quickly and easily take action.

Personal Campaigns: For those who want to go the extra mile, personal campaigns let campaign supporters own a piece of the campaign by pledging to gather a specified amount of pledges, petition signatures or donations. It’s a much more efficient and effective way to contribute. Individuals who start personal campaigns are shown in the sidebar at the very bottom of the page (not pictured).

Multiple post types: That’s right! You can now post photos, videos, personal stories and articles to help campaign leaders raise awareness and recruit others to support pledges, petitions and fundraisers.

Campaign updates: How do you keep a campaign’s supporters up-to-date on progress and offline events? Enter, campaign updates — a simple way for campaign leaders to send messages to their campaign’s supporters. We give you a rich text editor so you can bolditalicize, make bullet lists and even attach a photo or video.

Campaign Leader(s): Ever wished you had help running and managing your campaign? Consider your wish granted, no lamp-rubbing required. Campaigns can now have multiple leaders, allowing organizations and/or groups of individuals to help out with the campaign’s administrative duties.

Campaign Supporters: We’ve created a publicly available view to showcase a campaign’s supporters and the actions they’ve inspired. Don’t worry, those who wish to donate anonymously will be excluded.

Have a question about our new Campaign pages? Check out our support articles on starting a campaign and personal campaigns or leave a comment below.