Updates to Our Privacy Policy

Thank you for your positive feedback and interest in our acquisition by Brigade Media. We are looking forward to tackle the problem of declining citizen power and engagement in democracy with you and the rest of the Causes community. We know many of you are excited about the potential for our new platform, but we’ve also gotten some questions about what this news means for Causes.com.  As we noted earlier this week, Causes.com and campaigns built on the website will continue to operate for now, but down the road, Brigade.com will open up new and better opportunities for civic engagement. We’ll keep you updated on news and changes to Causes.com along the way.

As part of the acquisition, we are making some updates to the Causes Privacy Policy, which you can review here. Some of the changes merely clarify our existing practices, but there are some new practices as well. For example, our updated policy explains how:

  • We may share your personal information with Brigade

  • We may share your information with campaigns with whom you interact

  • We may share your information with the targets of a particular campaign

Our new Privacy Policy will take effect August 1, 2014. As always, we want to give all of our users complete control over their data and privacy so if you want to check your current privacy settings, click here and if you have questions about the Privacy Policy changes, please contact us at [email protected].

We believe there is great power in the community that you’ve helped build and we hope to take it to the next level in the coming months and years as we tackle some of the most important issues affecting our lives. It’s time to change democracy by bringing people together around issues they care about.

– The Causes Team