The Day We Fight Back Against Mass Surveillance

The Day We Fight Back Against Mass Surveillance

Dear Causes members and users of the Internet,

On February 11th, will be participating in a worldwide day of online activism known as The Day We Fight Back. On this day, over 6,000 websites and organizations will be working collectively to fight for Internet freedom and to end mass surveillance. Together, we’ll pressure legislators to support the USA Freedom Act and enact privacy protections for non-Americans.

As an Internet company, we believe mass surveillance of communications and government collection of metadata significantly threatens our members’ fundamental right to privacy. We also believe that the power of the Internet has the potential to be used as the greatest organizing tool ever, and global surveillance practices impede that vision.

That’s why we’re encouraging everyone, regardless of political affiliation or nationality, to take part in this collective online movement.



Matthew Mahan

What you can do on February 11th:

On February 11th, you can join the fight against mass surveillance by doing any or all of the following things. What’s so special about February 11th? The next day, February 12th, there is a Senate Committee hearing scheduled for 10:00 AM to discuss reforms to the Section 215 telephone records program and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. Together, we will make it clear that current surveillance practices are not compatible with democratic governance.

Here’s how you can help:

1. Join the campaign on Causes

If you’re in the US, you can join the campaign to support the USA Freedom Act and invite others to do the same. This campaign was started by Causes member, Jack Cunningham — a United States Marine Corps veteran.

The USA Freedom Act aims to end the bulk collection of Americans’ communication records, reform the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, increase transparency, and more.

Click the image below to join the campaign.

Support the USA Freedom Act campaign

2. Join the conversation on Twitter

As a fun way to show that the NSA unnecessarily observes, collects, and analyzes our every digital action, we want to encourage people to participate in a day of “over-sharing” on Twitter. You can do this by sharing something that is completely nonsensical, along with the hashtag #AreYouListeningNSA.

Here’s a few templates and examples to get you started. Feel free to be creative and come up with your own (be sure to use the hashtag #AreYouListeningNSA), or use one of the suggested tweets at the end of this post.

Just ate [insert meal or food item]. It was really good! #AreYouListeningNSA? (click to tweet)

Just ate breakfast. It was really good! #AreYouListeningNSA? (click to tweet)

Playing with my [pet] in a [location]. #AreYouListeningNSA? (click to tweet)

Playing with my dog in a park. #AreYouListeningNSA? (click to tweet)

Had to do [an errand/chore] today. #AreYouListeningNSA (click to tweet)

Had to do my laundry today. #AreYouListeningNSA? (click to tweet)

Whoops, put too much [seasoning] on my [food item]. #AreYouListeningNSA (click to tweet)

Whoops, put too much oregano on my pizza. #AreYouListeningNSA? (click to tweet)

3. Show your support on social media

Change your social media avatars (right-click and save image as):

The Day We Fight Back Social Media Avatar

Click to share the below images on Facebook:

#AreYouListeningNSA Shareable ImageMass surveillance violates the first and fourth amendmentsThe NSA can monitor up to 200 million text messages per dayThe NSA can connect 40 contacts to 2,500,000 people

53% of americans disapprove of the nsa memeThe NSA can monitor up to 125,000,000,000 phone calls each monthPhone record metadata hasn't helped prevent terrorism meme

4. Share the video

5. Call your congressman

Call your Congressmen at 202-224-3121 and tell them to Vote Yes on The USA Freedom Act. Click here for more information on how to call.

Suggested Tweets

I just brushed my teeth, feeling fresh. #AreYouListeningNSA? (click to tweet)

This is an inspirational quote. #AreYouListeningNSA? (click to tweet)

My cat did something hilarious. #AreYouListeningNSA? (click to tweet)

Just saw somebody do something embarrassing in public. #AreYouListeningNSA? (click to tweet)

Took a hot shower. Now I’m going to work. #AreYouListeningNSA? (click to tweet)

Bought groceries, can’t wait to make dinner. #AreYouListeningNSA? (click to tweet)

Spilled coffee on my favorite shirt. #AreYouListeningNSA? (click to tweet)

#Anthrax is a pretty decent band. #AreYouListeningNSA? (click to tweet)

Just got off work, ready to sit at home and watch TV. #AreYouListeningNSA? (click to tweet)