Causes Joins Designer Fund’s Bridge Program

Causes Joins Designer Fund’s Bridge Program

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Designer Fund’s Bridge program for the upcoming spring session. Bridge offers experienced designers the opportunity to join top San Francisco Bay Area startups for a 3-month residency, while also participating in an education program where they can meet and learn from experts in design and tech.

For designers-in-residence and startups alike, the program offers many benefits. As a designer, you have the opportunity to work on a product that impacts millions of people worldwide. You also join a community of exceptional designers that enables you to collaboratively learn how to do better work on meaningful products. As a startup, we gain access to talented designers who are ready to jump in, lead design, and address our most difficult problems.

Our product vision

At Causes, we’re working on an ambitious vision — empowering individuals to change the world through collective action. As you can imagine, crafting a product that aligns with our vision is a difficult challenge. We’re trying to move mountains, but can’t do it without smart designers who have sharp intuitions about user experience.

Working as a designer-in-residence at Causes

At Causes, Product Design is more than pixel-perfect mocks. First and foremost, Product Designers are problem solvers. They begin by identifying the main problem to be solved. Asking why we’re doing something and settling on the real problem to be solved is actually half the battle and sets the stage for efficiently doing lots of good work.

Our approach to product development is typical in that we try to ship early and often, so outlining criteria to scope potential solutions helps focus our explorations.

It’s also important to identify measures of success; quantitative analysis is a powerful way to validate that we’ve shipped an effective solution to a problem.

As a member of our design team, you’ll have the opportunity to work alongside some of the best in the industry: Sean Parker (Napster, Facebook), and Jason Putorti and Miche Capone (Mint, Votizen) — our Founder, VP Design, and VP Product, respectively. All are experts in the world of product design and will help expand your knowledge and skills as a designer.

Who we’re looking for

Building scalable consumer products is fraught with assumptions about what users want. That’s why we value team members who aren’t afraid to push back. Asking why leads to more thoughtful discussions and a better understanding of the intentions behind a project.

We also value team members who own their ideas and do what it takes to make it happen. If you’re good at asking thought-provoking questions and synthesizing ideas into polished prototypes, we’d love to talk with you about being our designer-in-residence!

To learn more about the Causes design team and what it’s like being a designer-in-residence, check out the Causes company profile on the Bridge website. Applications close on March 2nd. Apply directly here, and feel free to contact [email protected] with any questions.