Campaign Win: Cause Leader Receives Apology from Fox News

Campaign Win: Cause Leader Receives Apology from Fox News

We learn something new every day about the people that use From New York to India, the ideas and beliefs shared through our site stretch across a wide spectrum. Last week, we noticed a petition from cause leader Felix Wolfe. He’s an Eclectic Wiccan, which we really didn’t know anything about. [Ed Note: We logged many hours on Wikipedia this week.] Felix explained that it’s a religion where ”you follow a few different paths [of Paganism.]” He continued, “I run with Celtic, Norse, and a little bit of Druidian. Essentially, I make my own way to worship the divine, and nature itself.”

Earlier in February, Felix watched a video by way of a news article he found on Facebook. The video was a clip of Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson making unflattering remarks, and at times completely mocking, the traditions of Wiccans and Pagans. “Soon after, I…was fairly upset.” Felix jumped into gear and created a petition asking Fox News, and Tucker Carlson specifically, to publicly apologize to Pagans and Wiccans for the remarks.

Fox News Apologizes To Wiccans

Click the image to watch the video of Tucker Carlson apologizing.

Felix was skeptical about how far his petition would go, but he knew something had to be done. He’d signed petitions created by other people on Causes and it inspired him to create his own. Felix told us, “I honestly never expected an apology. My real goal of the petition was to just raise awareness that this actually happened.”

Discussing the value of respecting multiple faiths in a society was another integral point of inspiration. ” I hope everyone learns not to judge someone by one’s faith. I personally disagree with a lot of what the Christian bible says; I disagree with the Mormon’s practices; I don’t like Catholicism; I think Scientology is a joke. But, if you decide to choose any of those as your faith, I won’t judge you.”

We were happy to learn that tools on Causes helped Felix successfully reach his goal. More than 35,000 people came out in support of Felix’s petition and it lead to real success. On February 23, Fox News released video of Tucker Carlson apologizing for this remarks. In a closing update to the petition signers, Felix thanks everyone who supported his campaign. “I am proud to have started this petition, and am very thankful for all of you who sent me supportive emails. If I could do something for you all that signed, believe me I would….I plan to download the signatures of the petition and send it directly to fox news, and possibly Tucker Carlson himself, just as a final message.”

Thanks for sharing your story with us, Felix!

  • jeremiah wiltse

    Well I defenitely don’t support wiccans or any cult like religions. I haven’t seen the video what the reporter said. I’ll find it, but if didn’t resort to name calling or foolishness, I would not have taken back the comments. We glorify God as Christians and if we offend the world, than God’s word may be offensive to sin.

    • blondein_tokyo

      “Well, I definitely don’t support Christians or any cult. I haven’t seen the video (or heard) what the reporter said. I’ll find it, but if it didn’t resort of name calling or foolishness, I would not have taken back the comments.”

      Yep. If rejecting all religion offends people, then fine with me – you don’t have the right not be offended.

    • jeremiah wiltse

      I found the video and it is offensive. For him to say it wasn’t something he believed in or agreed with is one thing, but he went too far. I believe in religious freedom because I would not want the world to try to take our faith, but we also need to stand up for the truth. No form of witch craft whether good or bad is promoted in the Bible. Even horoscopes are not looked well upon. For we trust in God not in ourselves and the things of this world.

      • nonstopfeisty

        Since Paganism is older than Christianity your bible’s view of it is obsolete. Especially since the Paganism scriptures were only added to force conversion. This is especially evident in the King James version which has many more scriptures than the Old Testament. You might also consider that most Christian holidays take place on or around Pagan holidays and many Christian traditions were taken from Pagan traditions. I appreciate your being offended. Many Christians would not be.Blessed Be, always.

    • Guest

      I dont support cults either, that is one reason I am a Pagan rather than a christian, but to each their own. Just it helps if people respect one another. In the end, there is truth for each in their own way so long as respect is at the core.

    • Allen Reeves

      With as many followers that Pagan faiths – including Wicca – have, they don’t really constitute as a “cult.” That and for how long Wicca and other Pagan Re-constructionist movements have been organized practices of faith, to call them “cults” is grossly misleading.

    • Lee Walter

      You DO realize that Christianity is a cult. Cult according to the dictionary is:

      a particular system of religious worship, especially with reference to its rites and ceremonies.

      So you are in an cult.

  • Felix Wolfe

    I am very familiar with the bible zero-tolerance for witchcraft and “psychic” workings of the like. But there is one teaching in the bible that most Christians seem to forget. ‘Love thy neighbor as thyself’. We have never once started a war, or persecuted against Christians, or any other. We are very tolerant and good people. All we ask is that you treat us the same way we treat you. That is the path to peace.

    • Claire Frances Lloyd

      I am pagan and thought FOX news was a disgrace. But I do have to correct you on one point, every religion has persecuted someone. Except for perhaps the Jews, I have no memory of hearing them ever persecuting anyone (but I may be wrong). The pagans in ancient Rome slaughtered the Christians. And many ancient pagan paths practiced human sacrifice so nobody is innocent all the time. Even us pagans. But it’s true we’ve done a lot less massacring in recent years than the Christians and Muslims in general.

      • Karen Heyou

        The Jews persecuted their Pagan neighbors when the Macabees were in power. I believe this is the only time the Jews were in a position of power over thier neighbors.
        Also, regarding your statement, “Every religion has persecuted someone.” That depends on how you define the religions. If you lump all non-Judeo-Christians togather, then yes they have persecuted. But , if you consider the modern NoePagan religions as inspired by, rather that directly decended from, the older ways, then, no they have not all persecuted.

        • Vadik

          Israel was occupied by the Greeks when the Macabees revolted. The Greeks were forcing them to destroy their own culture. This is not Jews persecuting others, but the exact opposite.

          • Felix Wolfe

            In ancient Rome, the pagans were the ones being persecuted by the Christians because they were pushing their faith on us. So we fought for our beliefs in the holy war.

      • Linda Stemberger

        when in recent years have Christians done any massacring Claire I am really curious, the Muslims on the other hand are planning on a big kill with s and o leading the way

  • JT

    I grew up in a Christian household. The reason that I’m a pagan is simply because it fit me better. Though I may disagree with Christianity due to multiple contradictions found in the Bible and found in the actions of its followers, I still have many Christian friends who respect my religion and even in addition ask me for “help” now and then because positive effects usually occur after I “help” them through spellwork. It’s that simple, love one another, stand for what is right in your heart, respect the beliefs of others, and demand that they respect your beliefs as well. I don’t think it’s such a complext way to live.

  • Grandma Marianne

    Mr. Felix Woolf, I wish to take you up at your own argument: If you think Scientology is a joke, why don’t you investigate a bit better the multitude of beings who succeeded to better their lives and those of their families and friends just following the (Oh so simple!) but highly ethical dictates of this “joke”?

    • Allen Reeves

      It was written by a self-proclaimed Science Fiction author.

      Members have to PAY to advance.

      There is also strong suspicion (and I would not doubt evidence,) that the “Church of Scientology” paid for their religious “Tax Exempt” status.

      I agree with Felix; it’s a joke. However, if you would have paid attention to the rest of his statement, he stated those as his opinion. Did you not read where he said “But, if you decide to choose any of those as your faith, I won’t judge you”? There’s a strong difference between having an opinion of a religion (of which we all do,) and acting upon that opinion.

  • NotManhattan Design

    It’s nice he apologized but the whole thing is silly to begin with since so many Christian holidays have Pagan roots.

    • Shannon Moody

      Although they will never admit it, and they are the most judgmental people I have ever met. “Love thy neighbour”….IF you don’t disagree with any of their beliefs. Christianity is a joke.

  • Iris

    Paganism is not a religion but the other way around. It is the belief of not accepting any other recognized religion. This is why they don’t deserve any recognition as members of any religion. I respect their freedom to make their own belief from remnants of old and discarded practices, but don’t call it a religion and don’t tell us that you are offended by anybody who doesn’t consider your belief a religion. I don’t see what Tucker Carlson had to apologize for. I am sure he did it as a gesture of exposing your stupidity.

    • ariel

      In case you didnt know, wicca /is/ a federally recognized religion…

    • Felix Wolfe

      Actually, paganism is defined as: any of various religions other than Christianity or Judaism or Islamism.
      So paganism is a religion, that has many subcategories just like Christianity.

    • Allen Reeves

      Carlson also offended Wiccans, so he did have something to apologize for.

      Also, as Felix pointed out, “Paganism” is more and more becoming a blanket term for Nature Worshiping religions, essentially as “Catholic” is to “Christian.” To be a Christian is fairly non-specific, and “Christianity” is really more of a blanket term.

  • Shannon Moody

    way to go Ed!! Congratulations. Although I am not much of a follower of organized religion, because I, too, find a lot of it contradictory within itself, I do agree with many of the beliefs of pagans and wiccans (per my mom and sister). They truly are the only “religion” that accepts everybody for who they are, which is how humanity should be.

  • Carl


  • James Vincent Corriere

    Wiccan worshipping, still a nut!

  • jimmygun

    I think Fox News is great atleast there not a bunch of idiots like MSN there head so far up Obamas rear its pathetic. besides that is why we should all get along no matter what we think our great president is dragging everyone down so were all in the same poor mans world he doesnt realize thelittle money he takes from the rich is killing the economy the more obama takes the less room for hiring he is an absolute idiot. I love love the chistian faith stay positive .

  • Amanda Haworth Van Quakebeke

    Awesome job, Felix!! I was one of the ones who signed and passed along to all of my pagan friends. I am Asatruar and have many friends in multiple different pagan paths. I was so upset when I saw the video of Tucker Carlson’s statements and when I saw that this petition had been started, I signed whole-heartedly! So glad that this petition reached it’s goal. I truly hope that Mr. Carlson does some research into these paths so he never makes such statements again!

  • joanna

    Okay people, chill out,ultimately religion in and of itself is neither good or bad its the people involved in it that make it that way, whether your christian pagan or otherwise, remember that.W e all need to respect each others beliefs and stop quibbling about semantics,every one has the right to define for him or herself what they believe,without prejudice or mockery from others, I am pagan from a christian background , I still have respect for the religion of my parents and find many of their beliefs as true as my own,paganism just suits me better. We all need a more tolerant and loving viewpoint,l suggest before commenting on another s beliefs do some studying I think most will be surprised to find more similarities than differences, Blessings

  • Fed Up

    The Muslims just finished burning some Christian homes and businesses in Pakistan. I am sure deaths will soon be reported. How wonderful and tollerant religion is. Everybody in the west and hundreds of millions of Muslims know that there will be an event that will cause WW3 and the Muslims will pay the greatest price. Another war caused by religion. It has already started. When will the civilized world fight back?

    • Sajid Haneef

      Fed We are all muslims in Pakistan condemd it and we are stand with our christian brothers and our government gave shelter, security, support and funding them. Yet There was no any death reported.

  • Deanne Lamb

    This is a pagan ritual called dog spinning. It happened on march 6th with hundreds watching as these loving defenseless creatures were tortured spinning from ropes then dropped into freezing water where many drown because they are terrified and gasping for air. This is done to ward off evil spirits and disease.

  • Deanne Lamb

    Pagan dog spinning

    • Linda Stemberger

      Dirty mfer’s

  • barbra primav

    Hi everyone, read all discussions and agree to most. Religion should be respected and private if one wishes. I and children are victims of society so called richeous. As a child i refused to attend church,but i believe in god,protect the innocent, appreciate nature and that god is spiritual and is apart of all creation.
    I care about people my children and family, so why has my life been hell on earth? A new york state native, i realized to late that they indoctrinate you at a young age,otherwise they destroy you,your family, and children. I cannot get work to save my home forclosure, my son abused at his job to resent mom for his suffering.cant sell anything, their afraid to get involved. HELP NEEDED.T.Y.

  • stephanie wilson

    actually they did. remember the high preists stoning stephen?.

  • stephanie wilson

    i agree, but witchcraft is forbidden by God’s laws. you are right tho. we should love one another. forgive us our trespasses . amen

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