Campaign Win: Cause Leader Receives Apology from Fox News

Campaign Win: Cause Leader Receives Apology from Fox News

We learn something new every day about the people that use From New York to India, the ideas and beliefs shared through our site stretch across a wide spectrum. Last week, we noticed a petition from cause leader Felix Wolfe. He’s an Eclectic Wiccan, which we really didn’t know anything about. [Ed Note: We logged many hours on Wikipedia this week.] Felix explained that it’s a religion where ”you follow a few different paths [of Paganism.]” He continued, “I run with Celtic, Norse, and a little bit of Druidian. Essentially, I make my own way to worship the divine, and nature itself.”

Earlier in February, Felix watched a video by way of a news article he found on Facebook. The video was a clip of Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson making unflattering remarks, and at times completely mocking, the traditions of Wiccans and Pagans. “Soon after, I…was fairly upset.” Felix jumped into gear and created a petition asking Fox News, and Tucker Carlson specifically, to publicly apologize to Pagans and Wiccans for the remarks.

Fox News Apologizes To Wiccans

Click the image to watch the video of Tucker Carlson apologizing.

Felix was skeptical about how far his petition would go, but he knew something had to be done. He’d signed petitions created by other people on Causes and it inspired him to create his own. Felix told us, “I honestly never expected an apology. My real goal of the petition was to just raise awareness that this actually happened.”

Discussing the value of respecting multiple faiths in a society was another integral point of inspiration. ” I hope everyone learns not to judge someone by one’s faith. I personally disagree with a lot of what the Christian bible says; I disagree with the Mormon’s practices; I don’t like Catholicism; I think Scientology is a joke. But, if you decide to choose any of those as your faith, I won’t judge you.”

We were happy to learn that tools on Causes helped Felix successfully reach his goal. More than 35,000 people came out in support of Felix’s petition and it lead to real success. On February 23, Fox News released video of Tucker Carlson apologizing for this remarks. In a closing update to the petition signers, Felix thanks everyone who supported his campaign. “I am proud to have started this petition, and am very thankful for all of you who sent me supportive emails. If I could do something for you all that signed, believe me I would….I plan to download the signatures of the petition and send it directly to fox news, and possibly Tucker Carlson himself, just as a final message.”

Thanks for sharing your story with us, Felix!